Dillon Brooks wears a Stone Cold Steve Austin-inspired outfit as he enters the Grizzlies-Lakers game.

Dillon Brooks enters the Grizzlies-Lakers game dressed as Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Dillon Brooks

Dillon Brooks in stage / image credits getty

Dillon Brooks, a Memphis Grizzlies professional basketball player, has been seen wearing Stone Cold Steve Austin-inspired outfits during NBA games. Austin is a retired professional wrestler best known for his signature outfit of a black leather vest, black trunks, and knee pads.

Brooks has worn similar outfits to Austin’s signature look during NBA games. In January 2020, he entered a game against the Los Angeles Lakers wearing a black vest with the letters “DB” in the style of the Stone Cold Steve Austin logo.

Brooks’ tribute to the wrestling legend was viewed as a daring and one-of-a-kind fashion statement by fans and media outlets alike. Brooks’ outfit also reflected his love of wrestling, as he has been known to incorporate wrestling-inspired moves into his basketball game.

Brooks has also been seen wearing wrestling-inspired outfits during games, such as a vest with the words “Grit and Grind” written on the back, a reference to the Memphis Grizzlies’ motto. These outfits have become something of a signature for Brooks, helping him to stand out both on and off the court.

Overall, Dillon Brooks’ Stone Cold Steve Austin-inspired ensemble is just one example of how athletes can pay homage to their favourite sports icons while also making unique and memorable fashion statements. Brooks’ passion for wrestling, as well as his willingness to incorporate its influences into his basketball game and personal style, have made him a fan favourite and a standout player in the NBA.

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