Drake Isn’t Prepared To Retire Not yet, as the comments about “Graceful Departure” are explained

Drake video was leaked, providing further context for Drake’s comments about making a “graceful leave.”

The idea of Drake calling it quits infuriated his followers. The whole context of his remark has, however, been disclosed. Lil Yachty’s casual conversation with one of his closest pals, Drake, leaked online earlier this week. Yachty’s Futuremood company brought the dialogue in, but only a tiny excerpt was revealed. Drake seems to be thinking about his “graceful exit” in it, which many people took to be a hint at retirement.


Drake remarked, “I believe I’ve reached the point where I just want to, like, I feel like we may have discussed this the other day. “But I feel like I’m kind of presenting the idea of a gracious leave in my head,” the speaker said. There wasn’t much else revealed in the tape, leaving room for interpretation on the OVO icon’s remarks’ context. Fans can now breathe easier because more information from that conversation has been provided.

Yachty questioned Drake about his future career casting vision. “A guy like you that, in essence, I feel like—and I hate to say, ‘has everything,'” the speaker said. since nobody possesses everything. but has achieved so much in life, attained so many levels, and witnessed so muchencountered a great deal of stuff.

What more could one ask for? What someone who has wants is not even close to being materialistic. That might be the extent of things. But what is it that a human would ever look for or desire?

The original soundbite from Drake’s response to this question is now being posted along with the rest of his response. It’s a pretty addicting competitive environment, I feel like from seeing a lot of individuals over the years, Drake continued. You frequently become dependent on the competition itself. It will therefore occasionally puzzle you. Why are these folks still trying to be present in the area, like, in some way? You’ll then discover that they probably can’t let go because being “a guy” or “the guy” has been feeding their wants, desires, and soul for so long.

Drizzy declared that he is not yet prepared to retire. To “gracefully continue developing stuff that are incredibly interesting,” he would prefer. At this point in his life, he said, he should think about making a “graceful exit” while looking forward to the next generation of artists. Check out Drake’s remarks by swiping up.

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