Following her breakdown during an emotional podcast, Joanna Gaines receives a deluge of support.

Joanna Gaines received a lot of support after her emotional breakdown on a podcast.

Gaines is a fervent supporter of acceptance and love of oneself. She thinks that everyone has something unique to offer and deserves to be content and happy. She exhorts her followers to take some time to be grateful for what they have and to put their happiness first.

Joanna Gaines

Gaines’ tale serves as a potent reminder that everyone can find happiness. We can conquer any challenge and achieve great success if we put our attention on our own happiness. A well-known TV personality with ten years of experience, Joanna Gaines. She just offered a moving message and opened up about her personal life.

For many years, Joanna has been a reality TV star, giving audiences a peek inside her marriage, her family, and her renovation secrets. She recently published a memoir titled “The Tales We Tell,” which is accompanied by a four-episode podcast. Nan suffered after Jerry passed away to care for her five kids by herself.

She claims in the podcast that she was always a “difficult” mom who frequently prioritised the safety of her kids over her own. She claims to love her children more than anything, though, and to be quite proud of all that they have accomplished.

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In the episodes, Chip, Teresa’s sisters Mikey and Teresa, as well as her mother Nan Stevens, are all interviewed. One especially emotional instance the mother of Joanna and Nan spoke about their shared Korean origin and Nan’s past. Nan describes her difficult childhood in Korea, where she experienced parental abuse. She claims that she grew up rebellious and liked American culture, and that she has always felt “less” and like an outcast.

When she was 18, she ran into Jerry, Joanna’s father, and fell in love. Her parents first rejected Jerry’s request for her hand in marriage because he was in the military, had long hair, and wore John Lennon specs. In order to facilitate their marriage, Nan’s mother later stole her father’s stamp and effectively forged his signature.

In her native China, Nan experienced a sense of alienation as a child. In an effort to fit in, she started to copy American women and developed perfectionist tendencies. Nan learned to appreciate her Chinese background with the aid of her daughters. When she starts to think negatively, she reminds herself that God has given her a wonderful family, and she is happy.

Joanna revealed that she struggled as a child and experienced bullying because she is part Korean, but she never told her mother about it because she wanted to keep her safe. I didn’t think I wouldn’t be able to carry it, but I felt like I could damage two or one here, so I made the decision to relieve the discomfort.

Many replies from The Stories We Share viewers expressed their gratitude for hearing Joanna’s mother’s tale.

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