Larsa Pippen: “I Was Jealou” on Discovering Her Love for Her “Best Friend” Turned Boyfriend Marcus Jordan

Larsa Pippen on Finding Love for Her “Best Friend” Turned Boyfriend Marcus Jordan: “I Was Jealou”

Marcus Jordan as well as Larsa Pippen. Alex Tamarro/GETTY and Slven Vlasic/GETT contributed to this image.

Reality TV actress Larsa Pippen recently discussed her present connection with Marcus Jordan, the son of basketball superstar Michael Jordan. Larsa is the ex-wife of former NBA player Scottie Pippen. She admitted in an interview that when she first recognised she had feelings for her best friend, Marcus, she was first envious.

Jordan and Pippen have been pals for more than ten years, and they frequently spend out together. Yet it wasn’t until lately that their friendship developed into a relationship. She was originally apprehensive to express her thoughts because she was concerned about endangering their friendship, according to Pippen.

She was worried, but they did start dating and have been together ever since. Jordan is Pippen’s “best buddy,” and the two of them have a strong emotional bond, she said. She also disclosed that they are enjoying each other’s company and taking things slowly, with no pressure to get married or make any commitments right away.

Jordan and Pippen’s relationship has not been without controversy. Due to the age difference between her and Jordan, she has faced a great deal of backlash on social media. Jordan is 30 years old, but Pippen is 46. Pippen, however, has downplayed the criticism, claiming that Jordan and she are content with one another and that age is just a number.

Pippen discussed her divorce from Scottie Pippen, which was concluded in 2021, in the interview. She acknowledged that the divorce was challenging and that it had a negative impact on her mental health. She is now, however, concentrated on progressing and creating a new life with Jordan.

The interview with Larsa Pippen reveals more about her newfound love for Marcus Jordan and the way she overcome her initial jealously to seek a romantic connection with her closest friend. She is committed to her love with Jordan and is focused on creating a happy future with him despite the criticism she has received.

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