Music, according to BTS’s Jimin, transcends language barriers.

BTS South Korean singer releases his first solo album, which delves deep into his soul.


TOKYO — Jimin, a member of the popular South Korean boy band BTS, will release his debut solo album “Face” on Friday, marking a significant turning point since the group decided to focus on their own projects and the oldest member, Jin, was drafted into the military last December.

Jimin recently revealed the inspirations for his new album in a written interview with Nikkei. He also explains how BTS plans to make a comeback in 2025 and discusses how music has the ability to transcend both national boundaries and linguistic barriers.

How did you get ready for the debut solo album of “Face”?

A: As I worked on “Face,” I reflected on both the COVID-19 pandemic period and my own life. I started making serious progress on the record towards the beginning of 2022. Members of [BTS] encouraging me to attempt putting my diverse thoughts and emotions into music was one of the factors that motivated me to create the album.

I’m so anxious that I feel like I’m trembling just from knowing that my album is about to be released internationally. It’s my first solo record, so I’m curious to see how people will respond to it. Yet the tension is so strong.

How would you characterise the true Jimin? You claimed that this record will express your authentic self.

A range of emotions will become a part of you as a result of your life’s events. Everyone, in my opinion, possesses a deeper self they don’t really want to confront. I created my solo album while looking deeply within of myself.

Even the verb “to face” and the noun “face” have multiple meanings. I want to be completely open with you and speak truthfully. This album will display the other side of me and demonstrate how I overcame my loneliness and shyness for people who are accustomed to watching the glamorous part of me perform.

Would you mind sharing your aspirations and sources of inspiration for your solo work?

A: I believe this is a different beginning for me as a singer because everything about this solo album was a method for me to push myself. So instead of setting a really high bar for myself, I want to live up to everyone’s expectations of me. I’d also like those who don’t know me well to be able to see how I’ve changed.

Every time I see the other [BTS] members, they have a great impact on me and serve as a source of creativity for my music and performances. I just got the chance to work with Taeyang [the artist better known as Sol in.

How do you think BTS has fared since making their debut in 2013?

A: I had a dreamlike experience that was made possible by the support of all of our followers. I never take anything for granted, and the Grammy nomination and number one spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 would not have been possible without the support of our “Army” [BTS fans] who adore our music and live performances.

I believe I have to give it my all and live up to the enthusiastic support I have received, which has inspired me to work hard and advance.

A: The other members of BTS are also engaged in independent employment. How do you two feel about one another’s work?

A: The other band members were anxious before their solo albums came out, but they did well. Their presentations and approaches to their projects are infused with their unique personalities, which I personally enjoy observing while I support them. Their music reflects their own unique colour.

The members’ suggestions were what ultimately inspired me to create my solo record. It is comforting to know that the members’ advice encouraged me as I produced the album and, more importantly, helped me personally choose the course my album should take.

What do you think about the influence of music?

A: I enjoy listening to music as well as singing since it gives me a good feeling and comfort. I hope people may connect with my music and feel what I feel, much like listening to the music of other artists has changed the way I thought and given me strength. That is what motivates me to continue writing music.

Music helps us connect with others at any time and in any situation and serves as a reminder of our past selves. The greatest power music possesses is that. Language and national boundaries are not barriers to music. We personally witnessed that, thus we are the best qualified to judge its potential strength.

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