Review of the Asus VivoBook 14 Ryzen 5 3500 in 10 Easy Steps

Read Asus VivoBook 14 X412DA-EK504T Laptop (AMD Ryzen 5/ 8GB/ 512GB SSD/ Win10) expert reviews

1. Very Portable and Lightweight!

2. Although being made of plastic, the quality is excellent! Not at all fragile feeling

Asus Sonicmaster for Speakers, number three! Every song has adequate volume and audible bass! Mids is the category where speakers really stand out. The audio is loud and clear enough for a little laptop that isn’t used for gaming, and the mids are really punchy. The available audio in this price range is the finest! Dell and HP simply cannot be compared to this laptop’s aural prowess! has stereo dual speakers, and the placement is ideal! Also, it has a specific app for the Equalizer, Echo Speaker, Dolby DTS, and DolTruSurround!

4. Here, performance scores highly! I3 10th generation is reduced to dust by Ryzen 5 3500U, which is somewhat quicker than the I5 10th generation. And when it comes to graphics, there is no question that this Ryzen 5’s Vega 8 is superior than even the i7’s integrated graphics! can run the resource-demanding game Hitman 2 2018 in 720p HD mode with low settings at 47 frames per second! AaGTA 5 720p HD Low – 55 fps! I also tried Apex Legends 720p HD Low, Review which results in 53 fps,

COD Warzone 720p HD Low, which results in 41 fps. Being a beast among i5 and i7 integrated graphics, being an integrated graphic beast! That was a wise move on AMD’s part to merge your RAM with the Vega 8 graphics processor, as long as you give it 2GB of RAM. Congrats, AMD!

5. Angles and bezels are very visible, and the display is good! A very nice appearance!

6. recharging batteries The speed is good! It took 1 hour and 24 minutes to charge it from 0% to 100%!

7. Soft touch keys are there, and the keyboard is highly precise.

Cons: 1. The viewing angles

Colors fade when you alter your viewing position, but this is still acceptable for a sub-40,000 laptop with Ryza 5—just a little work needs to be done!

2. The battery declines more quickly than it should; this is a characteristic AMD is notorious for. AMD is considerably more powerful than Qualcomm, but Exofos or the smartphone industry (Intel). For this capaci, there is just a 40-hour backup duration; try, try With typical usage, the i3 offers 6 hours and the i5 easily offers 5 hours! AMD is to blame! Bucomplaint. be plain once more. The Ryzen 5 processor is really powerful.

3. Another negative.

I have temperature problems on his lap, but they are well under control. It was tea lota lota lotota when I played GTA 5! Put it on a table or desk, and you’re good to go! Fan speed is a little bit slow for such a strong processor! However, the integrated graphics on the i3 and i5 can’t even run GTA 5 above 20-25 frames per second, which makes it unplayable. Even another reason not to complain here! Asus, however, ought to have realised that the sceptics were overheating, and at the very least, the speed ought to be increased to accommodate more than one fan!

4. HDD

We must install an HDD, as well as a full cover and seven screws. In contrast, my other hardware just requires one screw for the RAM HDDrtition and two for the HDD partition. Anandasd should have been HDDy!

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