The first song of Jenny McCarthy’s son Evan Asher was made public.

A song written and recorded by Evan Asher, Jenny McCarthy’s son, was made public.

The debut track from upcoming singer-songwriter Evan Asher, “It Doesn’t Matter,” was just made available. The song is a positive, optimistic anthem that refers to the struggles that young people face in the modern world. It is an analysis of the challenges and concerns that come with growing up in the twenty-first century, as well as the resiliency and hope that accompany it.

Evan’s music has aspects of both folk and Americana because of his roots in those scenes. He also draws inspiration from traditional rock and pop, as evidenced by the song “It Doesn’t Matterpulsating “‘s rhythm section and memorable guitar riffs. Evan’s vocals are crystal clear and soulful, and the song is an emotionally driven and relevant track.

The words of “It Doesn’t Matter” provide a reassuring message for people who feel debilitated by life’s uncertainties and pressures. The line “It doesn’t matter if you don’t make it, all that matters is that you try” from the chorus is very upbeat. The song is meant to serve as a testament to tenacity.

Together with the single, “It Doesn’t Matter” also had a music video. It follows a young Evan as he makes his way through the world in a cinematic and graphically gorgeous way. As it follows him through his challenges and successes, the video emphasises the idea of resilience.


The song has received immensely excellent feedback from both fans and critics, who both laud Evan’s creativity and vocal abilities. A “must-hear” for fans of folk and Americana music, “It Doesn’t Matter” is available on a number of streaming sites, such as Apple Music and Spotify.

The inspirational and upbeat hymn “It Doesn’t Matter,” by Evan Asher, relates to the concerns and problems of young people in the modern world. The song’s uplifting message of resiliency has been appreciated by both fans and critics. It is steeped in folk and Americana and contains classic rock and pop influences

The music video that goes with it is a narrative, visually breathtaking piece that chronicles Evan’s successes and setbacks. Evan Asher has established himself as a musician to watch with “It Doesn’t Matter,” and his upcoming albums are certain to have an equally significant effect.

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