The Truth About India Egypt Relations Revealed its Impressive

india Hello Sansad Doordarshan, can you welcome me, I am Akhilesh Suman and I am here to present a special report on today’s issue. When the whole world is in crisis, Covid is trying to deal with the pending situation, and how did India and the world go wrong?

India Egypt Relations

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India and Mishra became political leaders this year. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the strategic partnership between Donnan Desam and Security Energy has made the company very special for investment.

President Abdul Fattah Al-Sisi

President Abdul Fattah Al-SisiGuest of the Republic Day celebrations in 2019. The Duty Path Celebration, which is a part of the Republic Day celebrations, will be held on 20 January. Kia Donan has made it a historic occasion in country-to-country relations. Mishra’s visit to India is not new. Many presidents have left India before, but may join the Republic Day celebrations as chief guest. India’s independence was established in this island.

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India Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and President of Mishra Kamal Abdul Nasir Da Lakan once made a President of Mishra the Chief Guest of India’s Republic Day celebrations because of the mutual trust and respect and community relations between the two countries. Adding a new chapter to relations between the two countries.

President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi of the Arab country of North Africa, Egypt was also among the invited guests of the G20 summit. As an important North African country, Mitra was requested to attend the G20 summit and President al-Sisi himself.

President Mishra visited Mahatma Gandhi’s memorial on three different occasions starting in 2023. He also laid floral tributes there, and conveyed the message that it is the Islamic prayer of Donan Desh Khabat that is most important to Alsi.

During his three-day visit beginning in 2023, President Mishra also laid floral tributes at the Mausoleum of world-renowned Mahatma Gandhi for his policy of non-violence and conveyed the message that it is the Islamic prayer of Donan Desh Khabat that Alsi may find solace in.

Mitra owns an important strategic area of the world, the Suez Canal, which gives countries in Asia and the Middle East a way to go to Europe. At least 50 cargo ships pass through this route every day, and it is important to India as 12% of the world’s trade happens through this route.

For two weeks in January from 14th to 28th, the troops from both India and Rajasthan participated in joint exercise Cyclone 1. This training takes place at five levels, including military training, defense equipment, defense industry, and defense.The President of Egypt has visited India twice before in October 2015 for the India Africa Puram Committee and again in September 2016 on a visit to the opposition.

A big step forward for the brothers is cooperation in development and decentralization of supply chains. The goal is to take the mutual trade between the two countries to at least 12 billion dollars in the next 5 years, which is currently $2 billion.

India has decided to ban the export of wheat, but in light of its future strategic goals, it has ensured that Egypt has enough wheat to last. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has assured the President that India will continue to support investment. Green hydrogen is a project in which India and its partners are working together. They estimate that the private sectors of both countries will invest about 18 billion dollars in this area.

Prime Minister Modi and Egyptian President Al Sisi have agreed to work together to maintain the sovereignty and geographical integrity of all countries, while also maintaining solidarity in the spirit of the Non-Aligned Movement. Both countries believe that it is important to take care of the social and cultural sensibilities of the countries, and have agreed to work on common strategies on multilateral forums.

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