Tommy Fury’s remarks regarding Molly-Mae and his daughter Bambi cause controversy. Read now

Following remarks he made regarding Molly-Mae, Tommy Fury has generated a heated controversy.

Tommy fury

The boxer admitted fatherhood has taken a backseat as he gears up for his much anticipated battle with Jake Paul this weekend: Tommy and Molly brought their daughter, Bambi, into the world earlier this year, marking their first child together.

Parenthood is bloody hard, as the majority of parents who read this will attest: sleepless nights, constant attention, and frequently being the focus of the child’s puke.

Understandably, Tommy hasn’t been as accessible as he may have been given that he is already well into his preparation for what will surely be the greatest fight of his career.

The 23-year-old revealed that he has been too busy to have much of a hands-on role because Molly was left to handle everything on her own when asked about being a father ahead of the fight.

Molly has taken it upon herself to handle everything, he told the BBC.

She has never contacted me about anything.She has been outstanding. Everybody ought to stand up and commend her greatly for it, in my opinion.

“You can’t break training camp for such a serious fight,” the former Love Island contestant continued.

“And the kind of sacrifices I made leading up to this are like this.

“What can you do when it is what it is? I’ll make amends when I get home.

Several people didn’t take kindly to his remarks since they believed that this was a prime example of a man putting his career before the woman.

Other people stated on Twitter that Molly and other women deserved better and that a woman’s career shouldn’t end just because she becomes a mother.

“”She hasn’t disturbed me about anything once,” I said. Let this serve as a warning to women, “said one. “A man will make it his goal to offer you even less when you ask for nothing,” the saying goes.

But not everyone shared that sentiment.

Many responded to the thread to clarify that, in fact, this is a pretty typical practise in professional sports, particularly when it comes to boxing.

Virtually single professional athlete experiences this, according to one.

Another person wrote: “What has left you speechless? At the top level, this is actually the norm. When training in foreign nations, some warriors miss seeing their families for several months. I apologise if that doesn’t fit into your ideal of a happy family life.”

Another person added: “It’s common for athletes to act in this way. Although she is currently a first-time mother and doing it alone, this occurs frequently in sports. Every year, football players typically miss their birthdays and Christmas Day since their emphasis must be the game.”

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